Narendra Modi justifies the abrogation of Article 370

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Narendra Modi, Photo: Collected

Narendra Modi, Photo: Collected

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Dhaka: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi categorically said that the article 370 of the constitution could give nothing except nourishment of terrorism, separatism and corruption.

On Thursday (August 8) in an address to the nation he said this. 

In the address Narendra Modi said that Jammu-Kashmir will not be like other regions ruled by the central government of India. He informed that there will be election, a provincial assembly, chief minister and his cabinet also. The article 370 could not give anything except nepotism, terrorism, corruption and separatism. For this reason 42 thousand innocent people in Kashmir region had to give their lives.  

The government of Narendra Modi on last Monday (August 5) stripped off the article 370 from the Indian constitution in Rajya Shava (upper house) that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir. 

Modi giving justification of the abrogation of article 370 said that the decision has initiated a new era in Kashmir. He said that there will be industrialization, there will be huge employment opportunities in tourisms and government and non government sectors. Terrorism will be eliminated in Kashmir while this valley of Kashmir will get back the title of crown of heaven in earth. 

Regarding separation of Ladakh from Kashmir Modi said that the people of this area have a distinctive culture. It is full of natural resources. It could be an attractive tourism spot. A huge number of herbal trees are cultivated and nurtured here which will make advancement of herbal treatment. Ladakh will play a pioneering role in producing solar power.

Indian Prime Minister said that the film makers will have to think over Kashmir. This area would be an attractive spot of natural beauty full of potentialities of tourism and film making. When the situation of Kashmir was normal then it was a very liking spot for Bollywood film makers. 

He called upon the Kashmiri people in a solemn voice and said that you never think that you are separated. We share your joy and pain equally. Let us all build up Kashmir into a peaceful garden which is terrorism free and separatism free and also an example to the whole world.

He also assured the Kashmir people in observing ensuing Eid ul Azha and called upon them to celebrate it with festivity.