7 tips to remember for ‘Bikini Shaving’

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Using razor is the only way women feel safe and comfortable, Photo: Collected

Using razor is the only way women feel safe and comfortable, Photo: Collected

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In our country talking about hygiene of privet parts considered as taboo.

Especially when it comes about cleaning and shaving bikini area. But awareness and correct information needs to spread in order to ensure health awareness.

Removing pubic hair is troublesome in so may ways. Using razor or waxing are the possible available ways to remove them. But most of the women don’t like to follow waxing as it’s kind of a hurtful procedure.

So, using razor is the only way women feel safe and comfortable to remove pubic hair. To follow this way, every woman needs to know some important tips to follow. That way it’ll be easier for them to stay clean and safe.

Never skip Pre-Shaving preparation

Trimming pubic hair will be beneficial for using razor to shave. At first use scissors to trim and shorten your pubic hair, then soak your skin with water and shave. This way shaving left less irritation on skin.

Buy the right Razor

Try to avoid using razor with multiple blades. This will create more irritation to that sensitive area. But two different razors- one for armpit and leg, another one for removing pubic hair or for bikini area. The razor for bikini area needs to contain two blades but not more than that.


Change razor after 4th use

Never wait for the razor to rust or dull to replace. These blades tend to caught more germs than usual. It’ll never be a good idea to take any risk about something this sensitive. Though it’ll cost a bit more than usual, but replace this razor after every 4th use.

Exfoliate with importance

Focusing on razor bums is important, but you need to give more importance on exfoliation. Exfoliation at the first place could prevent showing razor bums. Before start shaving, exfoliate bikini area’s skin with soft and clean cloth soaked with warm water. This will help to exfoliate dead cells and dirt.

Use Unscented Cleaner instead of shaving Cream

Its inevitable that bikini areas skin is super sensitive. Because of that, it’s really necessary to chose the right after shave product also. You must have noticed shaving cream often create burning sensation.  In that case unscented, moisturizing facial cleanser will work fine for razor.


Avoid unnecessary frictions

Saving on bikini area is already very unpleasantful task. So, avoid unnecessary friction as much as possible. Otherwise it’ll create skin irritation.

Finish the task with soothing Moisturizer

After shaving the area wrap up the task with using perfume-free, alcohol-free unscented moisturizer. Try to use the moisturizer immediately. This will calm the skin and less irritation will show.