Gold price jumps again

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Gold price jumps again, Photo: Collected

Gold price jumps again, Photo: Collected

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In just thirteen days, gold prices rose again on the pretext of the Corona outbreak. This time Bangladesh Jewelers Samity (BAJUS) has increased the price of good quality gold by about Taka 4,500 per tola.

Bajus said in a statement on Wednesday (August 5 the new gold price will be effective from Thursday (August 6). The organization said that the price has been increased due to the increase in prices in the international market.

According to the new price, the maximum purchase price of gold in the country's market will be 77,215 rupees per tola. Earlier, the organization had increased the price of gold on last July 23.

A statement signed by Bajus general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwala said the US dollar was depreciating due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus and the Sino-US trade war. This has led to a steady rise in the price of gold in the international market. Following this, the price of gold has also increased in the domestic bullion market. Therefore, considering the overall situation, Bajus has set a new price for gold and silver in the country's market from August 6.

According to the new price effective from July on Thursday, the price of the best quality or 22 carat tola (11.64 grams) gold has been fixed at Taka 4,432 and increased to Taka 727,215. According to him, the price of gold per gram is 380 rupees. As a result, the new price is Taka 6,620.

The price of 21 carat gold is Taka 74,066 and 18 carat gold is 65,418 rupees. The price of traditional gold is 54 thousand 995 rupees. The price of 21 carat gram of silver has been fixed at Taka 933.

Bajus raised the price of gold four times during the global pandemic. Before that, Bajus had fixed the price of gold on June 23. Earlier, the gold traders' association had fixed the price of gold on May 28.