The number of bank accounts amounting to one crore is 99918

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ছবি: সংগৃহীত

ছবি: সংগৃহীত

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The number of bank accounts with Tk. One crore in the country now stands at around one lakh. According to the Bangladesh Bank, there are currently 999,918 number of accounts with Tk. One crore deposit. This number was 94,272 even three months ago. However, the calculation of crores of taka does not mean the account of all individuals. This list includes many organizations besides individuals.

Economists say that due to various concessions in Corona, traders in many sectors have done good business and kept the profit money in the bank as a deposit. At this time, the pleasures of rich and affluent families, including travel in the country and abroad, were almost closed. Thinking about the uncertainty of the future, many people focus on saving by reducing the cost of living. All in all, the number of millionaires has increased.

According to the central bank, at the end of June this year, the total number of deposit accounts in the country stood at 12 crore 15 lakh 49 thousand 266. As a result, the amount of deposit is 14 lakh 39 thousand 763 crore taka. Of these, 99,918 are depositors of crores of takas. As a result, the amount of deposits is six lakh 34 thousand 675 crore takas. In other words, about 44 percent of the total deposits have been in the form of crores of takas.

Three months ago, till last March, there were 94,272 bank accounts with more than crores of takas. The amount of deposits in the accounts was five lakh 97 thousand 355 crore rupees. In other words, in three months, the number of crores of takas in the country has increased to five thousand 646. As a result, deposits have increased by Tk. 37,320 crore. On the other hand, three months ago, 43.15 per cent deposits were in the possession of millionaires.