Soybean oil price increased by Tk 7 per liter

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The price of soybean oil has been increased again for the increase in prices in the world market.

The price of edible oil in the country has been increased by Tk 7 per liter.

The Bangladesh Edible Oil Refining and Vegetable Growers Association informed the Commerce Ministry on Tuesday (October 19).

From now on, bottled soybean oil will be sold at Tk 160 in retail and the previous price was Tk 153.

The organization has fixed the price of crude soybean and crude palm oil in the international market in consultation with the Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and the Ministry of Commerce.

In addition, a five-liter bottle of oil will be available at Tk 760, which was Tk 726 for so long.

Apart from this, buyers will be able to buy open soybean oil at Tk 136 per liter and bottled palm super oil at Tk 118.