Mamata is ahead in Chief Minister’s race in W. Bengal

Kanak Joyti, Contributing Correspondent,, Dhaka
Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee

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Though the battle for the forthcoming assembly election in West Bengal will be triangular, the individual Mamata Banerjee is ahead of all. There is no one around him in the Chief Minister's race.

The BJP, the ruling party at the center, has been pitted against the ruling Trinamool Congress. The Left and the Congress are fighting to form an alliance. But the people of West Bengal want Mamata back as Chief Minister. As a result of public opinion, no leader of any other party can match Mamata's popularity.

In the opinion survey voters were asked: What will happen in the upcoming elections? Who will occupy the 294-seat West Bengal Assembly? Will the Trinamool Congress be able to hold the throne once again? Or what, the BJP will come to power?

Before the vote, CNX, a neutral think tank, conducted a public opinion poll to understand people's minds. And in that opinion poll, some surprising information has come up.

People were asked whom do you want to see as the next Chief Minister of Bengal? According to the survey, 38 percent like Mamata. BJP's Dilip Ghosh is liked by 19 percent. Then there are Shuvendu Adhikari (10 per cent) who left the Trinamool and joined the BJP, Adhir Chowdhury of the Congress (5 per cent), Sujan Chakraborty of the Left Alliance (4 per cent), Abhishek Bandyopadhyay of the Trinamool (4 per cent) and Mukul Roy of the BJP (3 per cent).

It is seen that no one can come close to Mamata. Probably this is the reason why Mamata is loudly saying in the election campaign, 'Vote for me. Whatever the party's candidate, vote for me. '

As a result, the image of individual and leader Mamata is seen to be the brightest in the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal. Other parties have not been able to field anyone as an effective alternative to Mamata. That is why it is not possible for anyone to give an ace to the Trinomool under the leadership of Mamata in the polls.