India-China complete withdrawal of troops from disputed border

International Desk,, Dhaka
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Photo: Collected

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India and China have completed the withdrawal of troops from the disputed border in the Himalayan region. The BBC quoted the Indian Defense Ministry as saying in a joint statement on Sunday (February 21).

The two countries completed the withdrawal of their troops from the Pangong TSo Lake region on Saturday (February 20), the statement said.

Relations between the two countries have been threatened recently due to renewed tensions on the border. The withdrawal of troops was completed through a settlement, Indian officials said.

More than three weeks ago, Chinese troops set up camp in an area on the border that India claims as its own. In the wake of this tension, India increased its strength on the border area. However, senior officials on both sides have reached an agreement on withdrawing troops from there.

Earlier, 24 soldiers were killed in a border clash last June. Now, however, both sides are saying they will work to reduce tensions in other parts of the border or in the Line of Actual Control(LAC).

China and India announced their intention to withdraw troops from the lake region on February 11.

The statement on Sunday said both sides praised the deactivation of troops from the Pangong Tso Lake area. It noted that this was a significant step that would lay a good foundation for resolving the LAC as well as other remaining issues in the Western sector.

The statement acknowledged that other parts of the border remains tense and said talks were expected to continue to reduce tensions. The two countries have said they will work together to maintain peace in the border areas.