‘US must answer for human rights violation in Afghanistan’

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Photo: Collected

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"The United States must be held accountable for the horrific human rights abuses in war-torn Afghanistan," said Iranian President Syed Ibrahim Raisi.

"Many women and children in Afghanistan are suffering because of US killings, torture, occupation and destruction," he said.

President Raisi made the remarks at the weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday (September 1) at noon local time.

"Everything that has happened in Afghanistan over the last two decades is a pattern of American human rights abuses," he said. During this time many women and children have been killed or maimed in Afghanistan.

"If we only consider the killing, injuring or maiming of women and children in Afghanistan, we will see that the US military has wreaked havoc in the country," he said.

"The Afghan war is a testament to the fact that the US military has destroyed peace, stability and security in the world, rather than providing security," he said.