Prashant Hospital in Chennai

Konok Joti, Contributing Correspondent,
Chairperson Gita Haripriya, Director Dr. G. Gopalswamy

Chairperson Gita Haripriya, Director Dr. G. Gopalswamy

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India's 'Health Capital' of Chenni has many hospitals. In Chennai, Prashanth Hospitals ( has come to the forefront for modern, efficient medical system. The hospital is considered in the 'Top Ten' for its state-of-the-art technology, skilled doctors, advanced services, aesthetic environment and affordable cost. This multicare hospital attracts a large number of Indian as well as foreign patients as complex and specialized treatment and operations can be done easily and quickly.

Prashant Hospital's Chairperson Gita Haripriya and Director Dr. G. Gopalswamy personally lead the management so that efficiency, transparency and dynamism are provided in all the activities conducted under the direct supervision. Services are provided to each patient through trusted and reliable health check-ups and specialized departments. In addition to kidney and liver transplants, Prashant Hospital has earned the confidence of patients to advance the health checkup system.

The Prashant Hospital, located at two large facilities in the Velachery and Chetpet areas of Chennai, is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses, health workers and state-of-the-art equipment.

The hospital is meeting the demand of domestic and foreign patients for diagnosing complex diseases directly and through telemedicine. Prashant Hospital Authority is committed to excellence in healthcare not only in Chennai, but in the whole of India.