Today is United Nations Day

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ছবি: সংগৃহীত

ছবি: সংগৃহীত

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Today is United Nations Day. The United Nations officially began its functioning on October 24, 1945. Formed after World War II, the organization has grown exponentially over time. It started its journey in 1945 with 51 member states but now has 193 members. The United Nations is working to resolve conflicts around the world, to establish peace and to promote development.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for concerted efforts to build a stronger and more inclusive United Nations (UN) based on mutual respect, partnership, cooperation and solidarity. The Prime Minister made the call in a message on the occasion of the 76th founding anniversary of the United Nations on Sunday.

The Prime Minister said that on this auspicious occasion, let us strive to build a stronger and more inclusive United Nations based on mutual respect, partnership, cooperation and solidarity. Let us make the United Nations a beacon of hope. In this historic year of celebrating the golden jubilee of independence in our country and the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh is committed to do what it can to create a blueprint for a better future for our people.

After gaining independence in 1971, Bangladesh tried to become a member of the United Nations. In 1972, Bangladesh's application was rejected due to China's veto. Later in 1974 Bangladesh became a member. In the same year Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressed the United Nations in Bengali for the first time.

From the very beginning, Bangladesh, a supporter of the multilateral system, has always been and continues to be an active participant in various UN activities. Bangladesh is one of the countries contributing to the UN peacekeeping force for peace. However, at the same time, the global organization has not been able to do much work as there is criticism about its various activities.

In this regard, the Ambassador to Geneva and the Permanent Representative to the United Nations Md. Mostafizur Rahman said that despite the criticisms and failures, the UN has no alternative.

It is the only global organization where all countries, rich and poor, small and large, are members and the only platform where everyone can discuss together, he said.

He said small or less powerful countries can speak for themselves here which is not possible to say elsewhere.

Asked how the UN can be made more successful, he said the UN is a political institution and it will be as successful as its member states want.

"The success of the United Nations depends on the goodwill of the member states," he said.