Outgoing 2019 was the year of Twitter politics

Zaved Pirjada, Contributing Editor, Barta24.com
photo: barta24.com

photo: barta24.com

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The year 2019 is nearing to end. 2019 was a hotcake of Twitter politics. Donald Trump is at the top of the world to tweet. Only then is Modi of India. But in our country, Twitter politics has not yet grown. Although Twitter politics began a few years ago, the Madison Journal reported on December 26 that Twitter politics had increased over 20 years.

Modi and Imran took to Twitter battle over the Kashmir situation.

Popular social media Twitter announced in last October that it would ban political advertising on its site. The announcement was made in a tweet by Jack Dorsey, the company's CEO. They are taking this step in the face of growing criticism over misinformation of politicians through social media. This was a news by AFP and BBC.

In a message on Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey said, "The Company has taken this step because of the growing problem caused by misleading information and absolutely false news reports."

Terming a new policy, Dorsey said, "The new policy of Twitter will prohibit advertising for candidates who are competing in elections, as well as for political issues. He also confirmed that the details of the policy will be released next month. But the politicians are scoffing at this! ”

India today TV's consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesh said in a report in India's 'Scroll Dot in' on Friday that Modi was very close to being the world's most popular leader on Face book and Twitter ahead of the general election this year. On his personal page, verified 'Narendra Modi', Face book has over 10 million likes. Modi has become the most followed leader after US President Donald Trump, with more than 20 million followers on Twitter. He has over 120 videos on YouTube. On November 28, Instagram crossed 100 million followers.

Modi has a team of professional digital marketing personnel. Indian social media expert Professor Jayajit Pal says, "Before Modi, no Indian political leader was active in social media. However, the Prime Minister's Office controls all activities.”

The ‘hashtag Mae vi Chowkidar’ opened the page earlier this year. Amit Malibu, convener of the BJP's IT and Social Media Cell, said, "On January 27, he set up a team of 100,000 100,000 social media volunteers and created more than 3,000 WhatsApp and sharechat groups. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the suggestion to join Twitter a few years ago. And this year's BJP election slogan 'Ab Ki Bar Modi Sarkar' was one of India's most popular tweets. The results are now known to everyone.”

Social media, especially Twitter politicians and media, has emerged as the 'most important tool' in India's Lok Sabha elections. US-based Twitter Inc. says they have used the same tactics used in India in other countries' elections.

Face book, another popular social networking site, made similar announcements earlier. Rishi Jaitley, Twitter's market director in India, said, "Elections are the best time to see how much 'value added' Twitter can do. We want to spread what we have learned in the Indian elections all over the world. ”Twitter's top political strategist has flown to this country in Latin America to highlight the potential and importance of social media to Brazilian lawmakers. Like India, politicians have also used the 5-second video app 'Vine' to fight votes.

Voters have used the 'Tweet to Remember' feature in the midterm elections as in India. By making a tweet with this feature, users will be able to add their voting date to the mobile phone calendar. Twitter first became important as a political tool during the US presidential election in 2012.

Then in the days of the masses known as the Arab Spring, Twitter was used as an important means of organizing the movement.

Seven months before winning the election, US President Donald Trump promised at a rally that he would no longer use Twitter if he was elected president. Why? In April of 2016 election campaign he said, "This is not president-friendly." Trump has not stopped since being elected president. But not only has he continued to use Twitter since entering the White House, he has been spending a lot of time doing this. It appears that this year, he tweeted 2608. That is, he made more than seven tweets per day on average. Some of his tweets are very common and some are explosive. He later went on to argue in favor of his Twitter use, "It is modern-day president-friendly."

Analyzing the number of tweets President Trump has shown, he made up 42 percent of the six to nine in the morning. This time he watches more of the television. Co -incidentally his popular TV show 'Fox and Friends' aired in the morning. For the first seven months since coming to power, President Trump has tweeted just once about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. And in that tweet, he praised the North Korean leader. But a month later, he tweeted Kim Jong-Un as "Mad man" or "Insane" and "Bette and Fat". President Trump is a former actor on Twitter and California. President Trump took to Twitter to dispute with former actor and former California state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also attacked.

Like world politics Twitter politics is also going on in our country. Prime Minister’s ICT adviser Sajib Wazed Joy in this regard is advanced in this field. He tweeted around 25 this year. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not in Twitter politics. There is no BNP also. Bangladesh is lagging behind in Twitter politics.