`Post viral Asthenia' causing problems after recovery from Covid-19

Hassan Adib, Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Rajshahi
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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After being recovered from Covid-19 in Rajshahi, various symptoms are appearing on the body of those concerned. This situation has become new concerns. Experts said that after coronation, the people concerned are suffering from various problems including loss of appetite, headache, pressure, weakness, asthma, weight loss and hair loss. This is called 'post viral asthenia'.

Doctors said that after getting rid of corona, patients should rest at home for the next six months and follow regular doctor's advice. But after being corona free, no one is doing it. As a result, there is a fear of suffering from long-term physical complications. Even the risk of death is increasing.

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) Professor of Liver department Moha. Haroon ur Rashid said, I saw some patients after corona suffering from other physical problems. This is called 'post viral asthenia'. As a result, many patients are suffering from weakness, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, insomnia and restlessness even after recovering from corona. In some cases, high blood sugar levels are seen temporarily. Irregular allergies are also seen in some cases. They need to eat and drink well. They must be clean. In addition to adulterated and nutritious food, fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten. They must take on as well as walking and physical exercise. Patients need to keep their morale strong.

RMC Hospital medicine specialist Parthamani Bhattacharya said, “Most of the patients are coming to us with symptoms like physical weakness and trauma after the corona has recovered. Some of them are having neurological problems. Someone is coming with muscle problems. Another group of people is coming with mental problems. These patients are suffering from severe fatigue. They have symptoms of  intolerance in their body. Someone's mood is getting irritable again. In addition, their interest in eating and sleeping is declining and in various ways these patients are suffering from depression.

About three months ago, Samsur Rahman Rumi of Shiroil area of Rajshahi city tested positive for corona. ‘I recovered from Corona about two and a half months ago,’ he said. Sometimes it was good for a while but now the body is very weak. I get short of breath after doing some work. I get tired of walking on two legs. I am having trouble in breathing. Occasionally there is shortness of breath. I have terrible cough with loss of appetite.

Farida Begum (55) was treated at Corona Ward of RMC Hospital two and a half months ago. On Saturday (October 24) she came to see the outpatient medicine doctor. She said, after being corona -free, I am suffering from several new problems. Blood hemoglobin in the body is suddenly declining excessively. The pressure is getting lower. I have to take  doctor's advice regularly.

RMC Hospital Deputy Director Saiful Ferdous said that even after the corona patients get cured, they have to follow the doctor's advice for six months. This is especially true for those who have been hospitalized and are in critical condition. Hospital medicine physicians are divided for ‘post viral’ patients. We are serving these patients with these doctors.

He added that a new issue is that many of the patients who had corona positive are now corona negative but some of them are dying suddenly. They had low physical immunity. We are constantly discussing with the doctors about the treatment of such patients.