bKash offers 16 tk cashback on 11 tk mobile recharge

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In this month of victory, customers can recharge 11 taka to any mobile number through bKash app and get 16 taka instant cashback. A customer can avail the cashback only once from bKash app during this limited time offer and the offer may end anytime.

To avail the offer, customers have to click on the mobile recharge option from the main menu of bKash app and select the mobile number operator. In next step, they should type 11 taka and enter bKash PIN to get the cashback instantly. Customers can visit https://www.bkash.com/16tk_Cashback to know more about the offer.

The offer will be applicable to all numbers of Airtel, Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi and Teletalk.

Mobile Recharge service of bKash has gained much popularity among the customers as there is the opportunity to recharge any amount of money from any corner of the country at any time. Currently, 25% of the total mobile recharge in the country is done through bKash.

Besides cashing in from 240,000 agents across the country, it is also easy to Add Money to bKash account from 22 banks' internet banking or from any Visa and MasterCard. As a result, customers can easily enjoy uninterrupted mobile services at home without having to go anywhere.

There are various offers on mobile recharge from bKash app. Customers can buy voice, data pack or bundle for their own mobile number depending on the type of usage. There is even an opportunity to compare the best offers in the app. For example, a customer may want to recharge 50 taka. If s/he clicks on the “check offer” option after typing 50 taka, s/he will be able to see all the offers closely related to that amount of 50 taka and choose the best offer.

Health care cost should be kept at a reasonable level: Education Minister

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com
PC: Barta24.com

PC: Barta24.com

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Dhaka: Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni thinks that the cost of health care should be kept at a reasonable level. 

She said funding is a big issue after Bangladesh joins in the group of developed nation. That is why all measures should be taken in the health sector so that we can keep the cost of health care at a reasonable level. That is why the less we can control these non-communicable diseases, the less pressure we have on our health care system.

She was speaking as the chief guest at the concluding session of the first National Non-Communicable Diseases Control Conference on Friday (January 28). 

The conference, which started on January 26 at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka, ended on January 28. The conference was organized by 30 local and foreign organizations including Bangladesh Health Reporters Forum. 

Dr. Dipu Moni said "We are going to add health care to our new curriculum,". Students will learn from what will be there and they will be able to move on. Our new generation will be much more aware if these are included in the health care curriculum. They will be healthier if they are aware. 

"If we can prevent non-communicable diseases, we can build a healthy nation," she said. We can go a long way in preventing and treating non-communicable diseases. 

"We are dealing with it successfully," she said. We are giving Covid vaccines; we have also got success in the field of treatment. We are going with the kind of conviction that we should go the way we should go. I am doing well in case of infectious disease. 

Earlier, the Head of the Department of Cardiology at Dhaka Medical College Hospital Professor Abdul Wadud Chowdhury made the Dhaka Declaration. The Dhaka Declaration has been fixed for the Second National Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Conference from February 1 to 7 next year. 

Bangladesh Health Reporters Forum has received the National NCD Media Award at the Non-Communicable Diseases Control Conference. Dr. Dipu Moni handed over the award to President of the organization Rashed Rabbi and General Secretary Hasan Sohail. 

Professor Pran Gopal Dutta MP, ICDDRB Executive Director Dr. Tahmid Ahmed, Founder and President of National Heart Foundation Hospital and Research Institute, National Professor Brigadier General (Retd) MA Malek, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Saiful Hasan Badal and others were present.


Surrogacy: Taste of motherhood, poor mother’s ‘profitable’ business too!

Afsana Ripa, Newsroom Editor, Barta24.com
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Photo: Collected

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The practice of renting a womb has started all over the world just like renting a house. In a word, this womb rental has become a new business medium all over the world which is called ‘surrogacy’.

Surrogacy is no longer uncommon among financially well-off people to maintain a healthy physique and avoid maternal distress. On the other hand, surrogacy is also a way to get the taste of motherhood by overcoming the barrier of infertility.

More than one woman is earning lakhs of money by using this scientific method of motherhood. Nowadays surrogacy has suddenly become very popular all over the world.

Recently, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has become a mother in this surrogacy method. She said on social media at midnight on January 23 that she had recently tasted motherhood through surrogacy. Needless to say, this surrogacy has been prevalent in Bollywood for a long time. Before Priyanka, big Bollywood stars like Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan have become parents with the help of this method.

The movie 'Mimi', starring Sanon, which was released in Bollywood last year, shows that in a city in Rajasthan, girls are being made to like things. But why? Because their womb is being rented at a high price as soon as the desired girl is found. The business is usually run by foreign customers and many foreign couples come here just to have children.

Although the whole story of the movie seems to be fictional, recently the story of this movie has matched with the real time.

According to the Times of India, this business is equally popular not only in India but also abroad. At the top of it is the name of Ukraine. Over the past few years, many aspiring parents have moved to Ukraine, where surrogacy rules have already been legalized.

According to the report, thousands of babies are born in this way every year in Ukraine after legalization. This is the main reason why the birth rate is increasing.

All the information that has come to light in this study is eye-popping. It is learned that the number of surrogates has increased so much in several countries like India, Nepal and Ukraine since 2015 that the government has recently failed to provide accurate information in this regard. According to government estimates, between 2,000 and 2,500 babies a year are born in these countries, mainly through surrogacy in Ukraine alone. Most of the women who are used in this work are from very poor families and they rent their wombs mainly to earn money.

On the other hand, out of greed for money, some women agree to become surrogate mothers more than once. It is also causing them physical and mental damage. The houses where they are kept during pregnancy are also not very healthy. As a result, the physical problems of women in all these countries are increasing day by day.

There are also multiple brokers in this business. They basically communicate between the two parties. In this case, the brokers take a part of the money of all the women who rent their wombs.


Iliyash Kanchan, President of BFAA, Zayed Khan Secretary

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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Photo: Collected

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Ilias Kanchan has been elected as the President of Bangladesh Film Artists Association(BFAA) for the 2022-24 terms. Zayed Khan has been elected as the general secretary. This time 365 artists have voted.

Chief Election Commissioner Peerzada Shahidul Harun announced the results on Saturday (January 29) at around 6:15 am.

Iliyas Kanchan was elected president with 191 votes for the next two years, and Zayed Khan was elected general secretary with 176 votes.

Their nearest rival Misha Saudagar got 148 votes for the post of president and Nipun got 163 votes for the post of general secretary.

Winners at a glance:

President - Iliyas Kanchan (191)

Vice-Presidents - Dipzol (219) and Rubel (191)

General Secretary - Zayed Khan (176)

Assistant General Secretary - Simon Sadiq (212)

Organizing Secretary - Shahanur (184)

International Secretary - Joy Chowdhury (205)

Office and Publicity Secretary - Arman (232)

Culture and Sports Secretary - Emon (203)

Treasurer - Azad Khan (193)

Executive Committee members: Rozina (185), Mausumi (225), Keya (212), Jasmine (208), Anjana (225), Amit Hasan (227), Chunnu (220), Aliraj (203), Sucharita (201), Ferdous. (240) and Aruna Biswas (192).

Earlier, voting started at 9:12 am on Friday at the office of BFAA. Voting ended at 6:10 p.m.

This time the association had 428 voters. But 365 people voted.


Lowest temperature in five years: public life disrupted in the Northern area

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Rangpur
ছবি: বার্তা ২৪.কম

ছবি: বার্তা ২৪.কম

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In the middle of Magh, winter is in full swing in the northern districts. Although there is no dense fog, public life has been disrupted by the frosty wind. In the severe winter, people are not going out without urgent work. People and animals have become exhausted in the snowy winds of the Himalayas. The fog is raining like rain at night.

On Friday (January 28) morning, Rangpur recorded a low of 8.2 degrees Celsius and Kurigram a low of 6.1 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest temperature in the last five years in the northern region including Rangpur, the meteorological office said.

Meanwhile, in the severe winter, the symptoms of cold have created more panic in public life. According to local health department sources, 15 people, including children and the elderly, have died of cold-related diseases in Rangpur district in the last one month.

For the last few days from morning till noon and after 4 pm thick fog has been falling in this area. The deeper the night, fog becomes thicker. Due to the fog falling like rain, the movement of vehicles on the road is being severely disrupted. Road accidents are increasing, deaths are also happening.

People who work hard in winter are in extreme danger. From morning till noon people are not able to do normal activities in the frosty air with dense fog. Rickshaw-van drivers are also in trouble in Rangpur city. Children and the elderly cannot leave the house. Homemade quilts (Kantha)-blankets have to be wrapped around the body all day long. Again, many people are warming themselves by burning straw.

Matiar Rahman came out with a battery-powered auto rickshaw in Satmatha area of Rangpur city. He said the cold is more biting today than the other days. It is not possible to drive properly in the cold. What if the poor people can't drive?

Altab Hossain of Madhupur Char in Kaunia Upazila said, “I could not buy warm clothes to prevent cold. It was going on as it was. I could not purchase warm clothes for want of money but not from tomorrow. So I have to enter the house in the afternoon.

Mojibar Rahman, a resident of Rahmat Char in Pirgachha Upazila, said there was not much fog this time. Himel is not going to go out of the house in the afternoon.

Rangpur Meteorological Official Mostafizur Rahman said the temperature in Rangpur has been fluctuating between 8 to 11 degrees Celsius for the last few days. However, the intensity of winter has increased. Such a situation is likely to continue for another two-three days.