Bahrain will not take workers from Bangladesh for the time being

Special Correspondent,, Dhaka
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Picture: Collected

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Bahrain, a Middle Eastern country, has announced a ban on passengers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal since May 24. The country's labor market authorities announced in a statement on Sunday (June 13) that no workers from "red-listed" countries would be issued work permits in the country for the time being.

Since May 24, 5 countries in South Asia have been included in this list. Vietnam has been added to the list since June 1. These guidelines only apply to those outside the country. Authorities said the order was issued to control the Corona pandemic in the country.

Earlier, new visas were closed for Bangladeshis in Bahrain from 2018. Bangladesh is making strong efforts to re-introduce that visa. However, in the Corona situation, the government was trying to send back the expatriate Bangladeshis returning from Bahrain.

Bangladeshi expatriates in Bahrain who returned to the country before the Corona situation and whose visas have expired were previously asked to register online at the Bangladesh Mission in Manama. But 967 expatriate Bangladeshis have registered online. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been requested to consider their case and their list has already been submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain.

Under the amnesty from April to December last year, visas for 30,000 irregular Bangladeshis in the country have been regularized. There are still 25,000 irregular Bangladeshis.