Bangladeshi poetess honored in Russia

Central Desk,, Yalta (Russia)


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Versatile poetess, the woman who has got charismatic zeal Dr Sabrina Rubin attends 10th Chekov International poetry festival in Yalta, Russia. There she was recognized for her love lyrics and brought the pride for Bangladesh. More than 700 poets, writers and authors from all over the world participated in the festival.

Her upcoming book “Limitless love” will soon be translated into the other languages. Alexander Melnikov was the translator for her poems in Russian language which brought recognition for her. By profession she is a Physician and mother of a beautiful daughter. She is from Jessore district of Bangladesh and gifted with lofty intellectual caliber that enable to compose of beautiful lyrics.

Poetry Corner homeless Sabrina Rubin does you thinks of the homeless children? They are like strayed birds hoping to vagrants of migration sleeping under the bridge or street. Don’t you know, where they would sleep tonight?

They are suffering by mosquito bite, some street dogs come to fight. Wearing cloths torn, muddy, unclean, filthy sitting on the place in dark and grungy running with a torn sack He has to fill this with bin product bare foot, prominent cage of ribs, sunken eyes everybody look them in different ways. Dirt covers their nails, no combing hair sometimes doing crime for shelter, sometimes they pickpocket or steal They never get chance to go to school. Tears never shed for hunger. Dreaming of pizza, pastries or burger. Survival is important for them. Long way to go, even they don’t have aim.