Instructions of Mujib Borsho logo published

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Mujib Borsho logo /photo: collected

Mujib Borsho logo /photo: collected

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The Mujib Centenary Logo Guide has been published to celebrate the Mujib Borsho. This guideline has been published to use the selected and approved 'Mujib Centenary' logo to ensure the size, the quality of the designs and memento of the government, private and other organizations to create Mujib Borsho logo. Copies of the directives were sent to all ministries and departments on Sunday (Jan.19).

It can also be downloaded and used from the Mujib Borsho website (

The following are the ten key guidelines in the logo usage guidelines:

1. The logo cannot be used in any way other than the color, color and shape of the National Implementation Committee, to celebrate the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

2. In addition, all public, semi-government, autonomous, statutory institutions, government-owned companies, public and private financial institutions, educational institutions, media and all the embassies of Bangladesh abroad, with the logo of own-organization in government letters, memorandums, semi-official letters. The Mujib Borsho logo can be used appropriately.

3. The logo can be used on all government-owned buses, trains, office cars, boats, domestic and international routes operating in Bangladesh aircraft, military aircraft and cruises.

4. Besides, the posters, banners, festoons and decorations of different occasions can be used aesthetically at a fixed and proportionate rate following the guidelines of the Mujib Borsho logo.

5. The logo can be used in greeting cards and invitations for public-private institutional communication on various occasions including National Day.

6. This logo can be used to display national textbooks and all government information and in all publicity programs such as public-private institutions, schools, colleges, madrasas, university calendars, notepads, stationery, advertisements, etc.

7. The logo can be used for publishing in various sports, literary, political, social, cultural and cultural organizations, and the logo chosen for the celebration of the birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the national level can be used till March 26, 2021.

8. Meanwhile, the logo cannot be used for any personal or private business or commercial product service, the official statement said.

9. The logo cannot be used in cigarettes, alcohol, firearms or similar products.

10. It also mentioned the type of logo in this guide, the background color of the logo, the spaces around the logo, the use of the logo in the dark background, the color instructions in the logo print, the physical location of the logo and the example of logo branding.