There are 35 lakh accused in BNP!

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There are 86 cases against BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. Of these, 35 have been stayed by the high court. The rest is ongoing. He said yesterday that the government was trying to reopen the suspended cases. Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila BNP convener Khaled Saifullah Khan. There are 16 cases against the young leader of the party on various charges including burning a car and clashing with the police. He has been sentenced to 10 and a half years in three of these cases. However, he has taken bail from the high court. He said, ‘The appeal of the case is heard every week. We spend all year on the court porch. I am more busy in the court than the party. ”Ejazul Hasan Shibli, former international affairs secretary of Mohammadpur police station, was homeless for a long time after being accused in 34 cases. Now he has come out with bail from the high court. He said he has to be in court attendance throughout the year.

Not only against these three BNP leaders, there are 1 lakh 7 thousand cases against 35 lakh grassroots leaders and activists from the center. All cases from 2009 to June 2021. Among them, there are 34 cases against party chief Begum Khaleda Zia. There are 67 cases against acting chairman Tareq Rahman. BNP joint secretary general Habib-un Nabi Khan Sohail is accused in most of the cases. 257 cases against him. Last June, 35 cases were registered in the capital's Chandrima Udyan after clashes between the police and the BNP. There are thousands of accused leaders and workers.

In this context, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, "We are under pressure of lakhs of cases against 35 lakh leaders and workers." We have to go to the door of the court almost every day. The party chief Begum Khaleda Zia, acting chairman Tarique Rahman to grassroots leaders and activists are accused in these false cases. Many are involved in lawsuits and are homeless. There have been cases where no incident has taken place. Even the plaintiff himself does not know. In other words, the aim of the government is to eradicate the BNP. '

It is learned that a cell has been formed with BNP-backed lawyers to look into the cases. Similarly, another cell of the party's office branch has been set up to keep account of the case. The BNP says these cases are politically motivated. These cases have been filed on various charges including vandalism, burning of cars, clashes with police and obstruction of government work during the two consecutive elections.

BNP office sources said, standing committee member. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain 11, Barrister Jamiruddin Sarkar 4, Barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah 6, Mirza Abbas 54, Gayeshwar Roy 59, Nazrul Islam Khan 3, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury 13, Selima Rahman 6, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tukur 9 and there are 18 cases against Salauddin Ahemd who is now forced live in Shillong of India.

BNP Vice Chairman Major (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed BB 4, Barrister Shahjahan Omar 4, Altaf Hossain Chowdhury 6, Abdullah Al Noman 4, Barkatullah Bulur 26, Md. Shahjahan's 26, Abdul Awal Mintur's 6, Professor AZM Zahid Hossain's 24, Chairperson's Adviser Amanullah Aman's 123, Abdus Salam's 37, Mizanur Rahman Minu's 36, Zainul Abdin Farooq's 23, Senior Joint-Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi's 13 There are 13 cases against Barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokon, 57 against Mojibur Rahman Sarwar, 134 against Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal and 56 against Khairul Kabir Khokon.

Besides, organizing secretary Ruhul Quddus Talukder Dulur 108, Asadul Habib Dulu 57, Training Secretary ABM Mosharraf 48, Juba Dal President Saiful Alam Nirob 86, General Secretary Sultan Salauddin Tuku 153, Shechasebak Dal General Secretary Abdul Qadir Maher and 53. There are 13 cases against BNP Dhaka metropolitan north member secretary footballer Aminul Haque.

The three responsible leaders of the BNP said that the government wants to control the BNP by filing cases. That is why from the beginning, the grassroots leaders and activists from the center have been accused in political cases. And throughout the year, the leaders and workers are now busy in court area. There are many who are walking around with arrest warrants. There are many who are annoyed to get bail and are not going to court anymore. At one stage an arrest warrant was issued against them. Sometimes those involved are also being arrested. The main objective of the government is to disqualify the BNP from the election by convicting it in a case. Of course, they are already very successful. The party's chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and acting chairman Tarique Rahman have also been convicted in multiple corruption cases. That is why the two top leaders of the party could not take part in the vote in the last election.

BNP's legal leaders say the trial of political cases alleging vandalism, arson and murder in the movement before and after the 10th parliamentary elections is in full swing. A few cases could be decided in the next two months, even before the twelfth national election. Many members of the BNP standing committee, middle and grassroots leaders are accused in these political cases filed in 2013-2015. The idea is that many may be convicted in these cases.

BNP-backed lawyer leaders allege that the government is rushing to disqualify the party in addition to blocking the movement to demand a neutral government during the upcoming elections. The government has misgivings behind the completion of the trial of these cases. A similar case is being heard in one to two weeks again in January 2022 date has been fixed. Regarding the speedy fixing of the date, the court officials said that the cases have been asked to be expedited by the Home Ministry. Special purpose cases seem to be being expedited.

In this regard, senior lawyer Barrister Jamiruddin Sarkar, a member of the BNP Standing Committee, said, "Looking at the speedy trial of political cases, it seems that the government has a nefarious intention." The government wants to disqualify BNP leaders from voting. Besides, the trial of the case has been speeded up only when the BNP is thinking of joining the movement to demand a non-partisan and neutral government. All this is being done to show fear to the BNP leaders by obstructing the movement. Naturally, there is panic among the leaders and workers. '

According to party sources, there have been cases against BNP leaders and activists whose plaintiffs do not know anything about it. In October 2020, 114 BNP leaders and activists were accused in multiple cases of Khilkhet police station. He did not file a case against the plaintiff in the affidavit. The accused in the case are Gayeshwar Chandra Roy and Ishraq Hossain. Police have registered a total of 13 cases of burning buses, vandalism and obstruction of government work. The total number of accused is 748. 114 BNP leaders and activists have been accused in a case filed at Khilkhet police station in the capital over the burning of buses.

According to the statement of case, the accused smashed the window glass by throwing petrol bombs with the intention of killing the bus staff. However, Dulal Hawladar, who is named as the plaintiff in the statement, claimed that he did not file the case. I don't even know the accused persons. Khilkhet police have done everything.

Advocate Zainul Abedin, former chairman of the Supreme Court Bar Association and vice-chairman of the BNP, said, the government wants to obstruct the movement of BNP in future. Apart from that, such malpractices are going on so that the senior and middle level leaders of the BNP cannot take part in the 12th national elections. If there is justice, these cases will not last. We will continue the legal battle till the end. '