No illegal mobile set will work

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ছবি: সংগৃহীত

ছবি: সংগৃহীত

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From today, October 1, no illegal mobile set will work. Messages will be activated as soon as the SIM is inserted in the mobile phone set. If there are valid documents, the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTRC will give the opportunity to register with them. If there are no valid documents or if the set is not valid, it will become inactive.

According to BTRC sources, 110,000 new mobile handsets are being registered in the country every day, of which about 10 percent are considered illegal and counterfeit.

It is known that these sets are not being closed for the time being. However, as soon as these sets are launched, the message is automatically sent to the customer that his set is 'invalid or fake'.

BTRC chairman Shyam Sundar Sikder said the process of shutting down illegal sets would start from October 1. The BTRC commission has taken the final decision in this regard. As a result, BTRC will be in a tough position.

The latest commission meeting of the BTRC has decided that no more exemption will be given for counterfeit or illegal handsets. BTRC Commissioner (Spectrum) AKM Shahiduzzaman told the media that from October 1, fake sets will no longer be allowed. The active message will go away as soon as the set is turned on. Registration can be done if there are valid documents. If not, you have to contact the place where the customer bought it and change it. Any set brought into the country illegally can no longer be introduced in any way.

What to do before buying a handset: From today, October 1, the validity of the handset must be verified before buying a mobile handset through any means (sales center, online sales center, e-commerce site, etc.). That is why BTRC is asking to follow a procedure and save the purchase receipt of the handset. If the mobile handset is valid, it will be automatically registered in the NEIR system. Go to the message option of the mobile phone and type KYD and enter the 15 digit IMEI number with space. Then you have to send to 16002. The return message will inform about the validity of the mobile handset.

How to register a handset imported from abroad: A legally bought or gifted handset from abroad will be automatically activated in the network after launching in the country. Such customers will be sent an SMS within 10 days to register with the information online. If the registration is done within 10 days, the handset will be considered 'valid'. Otherwise, the handset will be considered invalid and the customer will be informed via SMS.

How to know if the hand set is valid or not: Anyone can find out the current status of the mobile handset in his hand. Dial * 16161 # on mobile handset. When the option appears on the screen, you have to select Status Check. Then an automatic box will appear, where you have to write and send the 15 digit IEMI number of the mobile handset. The customer's mobile will then have an automatic box with yes / no option. You have to confirm by selecting yes. In the return message, the updated status of the used mobile phone / handset will be informed.