Sino- India border skirmishes- 20 Indian soldiers killed

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Dhaka: Twenty Indian soldiers have been killed in clashes with Chinese troops on the Ladakh border. Five Chinese soldiers were reported killed in the incident.

The clashes took place in the Galwan valley in Ladakh on Monday (June 15) night. Meanwhile, senior military representatives from both sides met on Tuesday (June 16) to defuse tensions.

According to Indian media NDTV, the clashes took place between the two sides on Monday night. Nineteen army personnel, including an Indian colonel, were killed.
The Indian government has issued a statement on the killing, but the Chinese government has not issued a statement. A senior Chinese journalist of The Global Times quoted a Beijing administration spokesman as saying that the Chinese military personnel had been killed.

He said in a tweet that five Chinese soldiers had been killed and 11 wounded in clashes with India in the Galwan valley in Ladakh.

This is the first death in clashes between the two sides on the Sino-Indian border since 1975. The last time these two countries fought a border war was in 1962 when India suffered huge loss.