How to shave your face at home

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How to shave your face at home

How to shave your face at home

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The pandemic has entirely changed the norms and concept of grooming since the past year. As much as we love to go to salons and pamper ourselves, since the last year, it has been all about DIY's and using our beauty skills for the same. While doing beauty practices like facial shaving and we are in two minds of having rough skin later but not when you follow the right steps.

Our skin is one of the most precious things we own and we wouldn't want to experiment anything with it until we are sure. Shaving is a common practice but when it comes to do it on face, we might think twice. Well not anymore as we tell you the easiest and right ways on how to shave your face at home for smoother skin.

Shaving Tips For Smoother Skin At Home

1. Prep And Cleanse

Before applying anything on the face, it's always important to make sure that your face is clean and prepped. Cleansing is an essential part when it comes to shaving your skin so as to make the hair on the face a bit softer for easy removal. Use a gentle cleanser or face wash to rinse off all the excess oil, dirt and grime.

2. Apply a Shaving Gel Before You Start

Applying a shaving cream or gel before starting is important as otherwise there are chances of a skin cut or if your skin is dry then you might not be able to do the process nicely. Make sure you apply the shaving gel or cream on damp skin so as to avoid any kind of irritation or itchy sensation.

3. Shave In Same Direction

Shaving at home might look a bit tricky especially on the face but trust us, it is the easiest. So begin with shaving in the same direction as of the hair growth. For example, if your hair growth is in downward, then move the razor in that direction. Make sure you shave in short strokes instead of rash and hasty ones as it could leave a cut on your skin. Always ensure that you tighten the area of your skin a bit with other hand while shaving.

4. Clean Your Razor

Keep cleaning your razor with a cotton ball or pad after every few stores to avoid any skin irritation or infections. Clean your razor after every time and make sure you do not reuse an old one. It's essential to blow off the hair and rinse after regular intervals.

5. Clean Your Skin And Moisturise

Once you are done with the shaving process, clean your skin with water as it will remove any residue and then use a mild and gentle moisturiser for that natural moisture and hydration. Avoid using skincare products that are harsh in nature or have active ingredients which can react strongly.

Source: NDTV