Today is World Mother’s Day

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The most sacred and sweet word is 'mother'. Just as a one-letter word can satisfy us, nothing else can. Mother is the name of an eternal shelter. Hidden in this mother's words is a handful of affection, tenderness and genuine affection. From birth to death, this mother, mother's characteristics and love never change.

A special day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year to show love to the mother. That is World Mother's Day. The day is celebrated all over the world with love and respect for the mother.

Due to corona, most of the people in the world are locked in the house on this Mother's Day. In such a situation, it is not safe to go out with the mother or go to buy gifts for the mother. So you can spend a nice time with your mother at home or those who are away from their mothers can also spend time with their mother online. But love for mother should not be limited to any special day. Our respect for mothers, love every day, every moment.

World Mother's Day has been celebrated for almost a century. 115 years ago today, in 1905, Anna Maria Reeves Jarvis, a mother in the United States, first introduced Mother's Day at her Sunday school. On May 8, 1914, the US Congress declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day. This is how the journey of Mother's Day begins. In continuation of this, besides America, Mother's Day is now being celebrated with dignity in hundreds of countries including Bangladesh, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia and Germany.