Police will prepare database of the rider of ride sharing 

Shahriar Hassan, Staff Correspondent, barta24.com
photo: barta24.com

photo: barta24.com

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Various anarchies are continuing in the app-based ride sharing service in the capital. Every day, drivers are involved in various crimes. In the last three years, many undesirable incidents have taken place including rape, murder, sexual harassment.

In all these cases, the criminals have a ride-sharing registration, but they are operating as usual. As a result, the law enforcers had to take trouble lot to catch them. Many times the victims did not even complain to the police.

However, while investigating multiple incidents of recent cases, police believe that a separate database of drivers and these apps-based ride sharing should be made, making it easier to identify if a driver commits a crime.

Police said that the service that is supposed to deliver by calling the 999 cannot be provided fully on the ride-sharing service. Then the passenger gets into insecurity, all the driver's information and the passenger's position are to go straight to the police information will be associated with the database of national ID cards.

But this is not happening because there is no registration. So the law enforcement agencies are not getting any information.

Information from law enforcement says that Uber's car was used in the alleged rape incident of Banani. The body of a Uber driver was recovered from Uttara some time ago. The mystery of these events has been revealed. Again, many incidents have not been made yet. But they will not allow it to continue in insecurity.

The police administration wants apps-based ride sharing to have a clear separate database, which will allow anyone on the database to find out information or whereabouts of the criminal drivers.

As a result, the tendency of crime will be greatly reduced, the culprit can be identified.

DMP Additional Commissioner (Traffic) Mafiz Uddin Ahmed told barta24.com, "We have learned a lot about investigating cases that have happened in the capital." From then on we started a special watch on the driver and vehicle of the ride-sharing ride.

DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam told barta24.com on the issue, "We will create a separate database to identify the criminals in the capital, including app-based vehicles and driver identification, so that there will be no problem in identifying the criminals."