Prime Minister warns against amassing wealth in these corona days

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, we will never tolerate that someone will amass wealth out of human misery in these corona days. Everyone should be aware of that. I have already warned. If I get any such complaint, I will not allow him to go scot free whoever he is.

The entire country is virtually lockdown due to outbreak of coronavirus. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the poor people, day laborers and small earners are in crisis. In this regard, she said, we have given a general holiday with the outbreak of coronavirus. Everything has to be stopped periodically. Therefore, there is a food crisis for the poor, day laborers who lived hand to mouth. They are not getting work. We have to deliver food to them. I have asked everyone including public representatives and administration to make list at the ward level. And any corruption that goes into this list will not be exempted.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this on Tuesday (March 31), in a video conferencing with officials of 64 districts of the country to coordinate the ongoing activities to prevent coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said, my point is that no one should suffer. So the elected public representatives, all the representatives of the local government, who are all, will say that poor people should not suffer, they should not be exposed to sufferings. Proper measures should be taken for that.

‘In my speech given to the nation on the occasion of Independence Day, I urged our wealthy people, she said. Then many are coming forward with cooperation. But it must also be seen that the same person does not get repeated help. There should be a proper list to avoid. If you have the list, we want that list. We need to make sure that everyone gets the help. All these responsibilities must be fulfilled.

She said that those who are wealthy should also perform this duty, the people of the administration should take responsibility, the elected representatives should take responsibility - it is your duty to do it yourself. And if there is no corruption in this place, there can be no such anomaly there will be no corruption.

The Prime Minister said the social security program should be continued. They are getting beyond those who need to list them separately. I will supply food products to them through mobile court. We have no shortage of food. We have enough food to give. Also, we have to keep in mind that our economic activities do not become stagnant.

Sheikh Hasina said the general holidays might be extended till April 9 as part of the government move to stop spreading the deadly coronavirus.

She called upon the people to observe the ensuing Bengali New Years day (Pahela Baishakh) in a limited way as well as avoiding any festivity. She advised the nation to observe the great day of the Bangalees in a digital way.

She laid stress to continue production food production so that we can face any challenge when the country is virtually lockdown condition. If we can ensure food for all under this prevailing circumstance then prime problem of the people will be solved.